1957 Roskilde Ring winning Porsche 550 Spyder for Sale

Update : January 31 2019
Porsche 550A-0121 is no longer for sale.

Porsche 550A-0121 now for sale

An original Porsche 550 Spyder is not a car you’ll find at every corner of the streets. They’re very rare and for those that have wallet deep enough to be in the market for a true Porsche racer, the odds to find one for sale aren’t very big. However, there is  an opportunity now to buy one. And no you don’t have to go to an auction, Porsche 550A-0121 is now for sale on the private market.

After leaving the factory in Zuffenhausen on April 28 1957,  Porsche 550A-0121 was delivered early April to Preben Andersen, a wealthy man from Denmark and owner of one of the 1st Danish racing teams.  Decorated with the Danish flag painted on the front hood,  Julius Voigt-Nielsen drove the car later that month in the Roskilde Ring. In that debut race in the 550A , Julius Voigt-Nielsen was victorious and with the other half a dozen races in the spyder over the next five months, he consistently finished in the leading field each time. When Preben Andersen’s Scuderia Palan racing team ran into financial problems in 1958, the race cars were sold. Porsche 550A-0121 was sold to Kenya and found it’s way back to Europe later when it was sold to an Italian collector who entered the Porsche 550 Spyder in a few modern Mille Miglia’s.

Andrew Hosking, a renowned Australian Porsche 550 Spyder specialist, was recently contacted by the current owner of Porsche 550A-0121 to bring it on the market. When the current owner acquired the car in 2011 and started a body-off nut and bolt restoration that took 4 years in 2012. The matching number Porsche 550 Spyder now resides in Monaco. 

Porsche 550A-0121 Picture Gallery

Pictures by Peter Singhof