The second weekend of August is marked in the agenda of most class car fans with a big yellow marker. For decades now , thousand European oldtimer fans gather at the Nordschleife for what was the most important classic car racein the before Peter Auto era. Since a few years the organization of the AvD Oldtimer GP still has the the advantage of being organised at the legendary Nurburgring, nicknamed Green Hell, but on the other hand they have to deal with the reality and admit that there is much competition from the Peter Auto Series.

Exactly as one can expect at the Nurburgring,  weather conditions were quite changing. Friday started with some fog, making it very hard for both competitors to enjoy the track, and visitors barely saw the cars coming. When that fog disappeared it was dry for some time and then clouds began filling the sky with some rain as a result too. Saturday was a very wet day, with rain continuously pouring down. Not the best conditions to race classic cars, and very demanding for the pilots. The visitors that persevered and withstood the pouring rain, witnessed the impressive sight of large rooster tails of spray jetting behind the cars.

Sunday was the opposite, with some sun, and ofcourse more visitors returning to the stands and in the paddocks. However we must admit that the last few years, and that is since the Marathon race kept on Friday ceased to exist, the atmosphere the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix used to have in the top years, is gone for a great part. It is up to the organization to find out how to bring back the real glory of the AvD Oldtimer GP, and we hope that will return soon as a race track as legendary as the Nordschleife deserves it. Most spectacular races for the Porsche fans were undoubtly the races in the Revival of the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft with the amazing Porsche 934s and Porsche 935s as the summum. In the FIA Masters Historic you can see the obvious Lola’s and Chevron’s battle against Porsche RSR’s among others… the unusual sight in the 2017 AvD Oldtimer GP was the entry of Clauda Roddaro, Porsche 917-037. Not only is it not very common to see a Porsche 917 on a race track, this car is a road legal Porsche 917 what makes it even more spectacular. His son was racing a Porsche RSR in the same series. And to make it complete, they entered Porsche 550-043 in the 2seaters race series.

2017 AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography