Bed & Historic Motors

Bed & Historic Motors Book Cover Bed & Historic Motors
Alexandre Pierquet
October 1, 2013

The first bed & breakfast guide in Europe for vintage cars lovers

Isn’t it the dream of any oldtimer passionate to drive his vintage car during the holidays using the beautiful and scenery roads in Europe. On the other hand, lots of us who tried it, discovered how difficult it could be to find a place to stay that was a little bit accomodated for your special needs. After all, you don’t want your car to stay in the open air at night time. And wouldn’t it be great if they had the possibility to work on your car, with the necessary tools at hand? Hmmm quite hard to find places like that. That would take hours and hours for you to search the internet and organise your trip.

Bed and Historic Motors is exactly what one needs, when trying to set up a vintage car road trip across Europe. In this book, no less than 110 places in 6 countries are listed, each with a detailed description and pictures, the complete contact data like address, website and email when available. And above all, it shows clearly if they have a private parking for your vintage car, and whether or not there is a workspace and tools available.

Planning a road trip across France, Belgium, England, Germay, Italy and Switzerland becomes far more easy when you consult this book. Even for a short weekend or a one-day trip, this might save you lots of time searching the internet. Just go get it.