Porsche Brochures,sales literature and memorabilia

Porsche Brochures

Porsche 356 A Carrera brochure
Porsche 356 A Carrera brochure (artwork by Erich Strenger)





Porsche has always spent lots of attention to their publicity material. They hired top designers like Erich Strenger who made sure the Porsche sales brochures were true artwork. The old brochures are highly collectible and more and more difficult to find.


Porsche Christophorus

1952 Christophorus 1
Cover Christophorus 1

Christophorus, the Porsche customer magazine, is named after the saint of the travellers. Founded in 1952 by Richard von Frankenberg, and without any interruption continued until today, making it the oldest customer magazine worldwide. The early magazines are highly collectible and are a true treasure on information on the cars, the factory, the people behind the cars. The evolution of society is clearly visible in the evolution of the magazine too, both when it comes to style, advertising and content.





Porsche Posters

Porsche gagne Poster




From the beginning , Porsche used its victories in competition in publicity. They published numerous posters , celebrating their victories in races like the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Le Mans and many many more. In the early years, all posters were designed by Erich Strenger. Seen his importance in the Porsche literature history, only Posters by his hand will be shown here. Some of the posters shown here belong to my personal collection.I am always looking to complete my collection so if you have any original poster for sale, just let me know.


Porsche Postcards

Porsche 356 Splitwindow Postcard


Porsche has always seen the power of printed publicity in their marketing campaings. They soon started printing postcards as that was an easy way to spread the beauty of their cars around the world. People visiting the factory bought these cards to send them to relatives and friends worldwide, spreading the brand name around the globe.