Callas Rennsport Open House 2018

Even though we always try to do visit shops we’ve never visited before during our annual trip to Los Angeles for the LA Lit and Toy Show, there are some certainties. So, on our way to the John Willhoit Open House, it was only a small detour to stop at Callas Rennsport,  just a few minutes driving from the Nicolas Hunziker shop.

Tony Callas i a name that sounds as a clock in Porsche circles. He grew up in a Porsche shop in Texas, and started working on Porsches as a 10 year old kid. At the age of 18 he went to  the Porsche Factory School and started working as a mechanic on race cars in the weekends. Tony Callas founded Callas Rennsport in 1993 and has only been growing since.

Callas Rennsport Open House 2018
Porsche 959 at Callas Rennsport in Torrance

When you enter the premises where Callas Rennsport is located, you wouldn’t expect to see what you see at first sight. It is not the glamorous work shop that many Porsche restorers and mechanics use to have. But nevertheless, you’ll find the real deal at Callas Rennsport. We’ve never visited the open house without seeing at least 1 Porsche 959. There was no Porsche Carrera GT this year, but that’s a car you might come along too.  The 1967 Porsche 911 R was not on display either, as that is now in loan to the Petersen Automotive Museum for the Porsche Effect exhibition,

Despite the absence of that iconic car, and the chilly weather, the premises were crowded. Tony Callas in person gave some lectures about Porsche mechanics. Food trucks served food and drinks for the visitors. It was great to be in Torrance again, and thanks for the hospitality Tony !!!

Callas Rennsport 2018

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography