Ciney Retromoteur 2016

Retromoteur  & Vehicules de Prestige

Retromoteur & Vehicules de Prestige is one of the largest classic car shows in Belgium. With an surface of over 30.000 square metres, the show has both an indoor and outdoor part. Every year, the show attracts hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors.

Where the other large classic car shows in Belgium usually emphasize on the shiny cars, or the wannabe trailer queens and concours cars, the Retromoteur & Vehicule de Prestige is quite different. The major part of the show is the part where you can stroll between the exhibitor’s tables to look for that single part you are missing to complete the restoration of your car.

The fun thing about Ciney Retromoteur is always that you just don’t know what to expect. Will you find something useful for your collection or not ? This year, what Porsche concers, the market wasn’t really present. But nevertheless, the show was worth visiting.

Ciney Retromoteur 2016

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts