Classic Car Show Spa – Bourse de Vehicules anciens 2018

Jean-Pierre Gaban visits the Bourse de Véhicules anciens 2018.

The casino of Spa is the place to be when you visit the Bourse de Véhicule anciens in Spa. For those that visited the show before, or the people that know the casino in Spa,know and realize this is not the biggest car show one can attend. But that does not mean one should not do the effort to start your car and cover the distance to visit the show. You never know what you might find or who you might meet.

The Bourse de Véhicule anciens is organized by the Retromobile Club of Spa and has a tradition of years. Traditionaly there’s lots of literature to be found. Piles of brochures, manuals, pictures and other paperwork  should be inspected to find the gem you are looking for. And in case you don’t find that gem, no worries at all. Why not chat with some fellow collectors and classic car enthusiasts. Or meet up with the people you once admired, like Jean-Pierre Gaban, who was one of the pilots that drove the 1st Porsche 911 to a victory in the Spa 24H this year exactly 50 years ago

Ofcourse there’s more than just literature. Even though it is not the biggest venue you’ll visit, there are always some cars too. And for the people who are in the process of restoring a classic car,  digging in boxes filled with spare parts isan inevitable part of visiting a classic car show like the Bourse de Véhicules Anciens at the casino in Spa.

Classic Car Show Spa – Bourse des Vehicles anciennes 2018

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts

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