Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2017

Autograph session with Walter Röhrl, Jochen Mass, Arturo Merzario and Eberhard Mahle

Each year the organization makes sure there are some celebrities in their middle to entertain the audience in the cars during the demonstration runs. Seen the celebration of his 70th anniversary, ofcourse Walter Röhrl was one of them. Jochen Mass, the German ex F1 driver is a regular guest at the event too and nothing else this year. Eberhard Mahle and the always flamboyant Arturo Merzario with his well known cowboy hat completed the party.

Walter Röhrl and Arturio Merzario with the Ferrari Sharknose Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2017
Walter Röhrl and Arturio Merzario with the Ferrari Sharknose

Dozens of classic car clubs from Germany and abroad drive to the Classic Days Schloss Dyck to enjoy the Goodwood Revival stylish event. Even though it is easy to say that Classic Days Schloss Dyck will probably never reach the level a Goodwood managed to obtain, it is clear that this classis car event is annual returning event to thousands of visitors. Many of them come to Classic Days Schloss Dyck in their classic car. The fields surrounding the Schloss Dyck serves as a giant classic car parking lots. Amazing to loiter about the hundreds of cars and see the visitors enjoy their day. We look forward to the 1st weekend of August 2018 for another great Classic Days Schloss Dyck.

Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2017

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts , Tania Thys & Vintage Race Photography