Coppa Classic 2018

5th edition of the Coppa Classic brings hundreds of oldtimers to Kasteel de Merode

During summertime it is not hard to find a classic car event. However, not all classic car events are alike. You have the traditional touristic rallies, cars and coffees meetings, concours d’Elegance… The Coppa Classic at the wonderful Kasteel de Merode in Westerlo (Belgium) brings you a combination of most of these in a  weekend stuffed with classic car fun.

For those that were lucky and fast enough to subscribe, you could drive your classic car in the Coppa Classic Short tour, or the Coppa Classic Tour. Both are classic rally style trips, that brings the participants in the most beautiful spots of the Kempen, the lovely region around Westerlo and the Kasteel de Merode. As the name declares, the Coppa Classic Short tour is a trip that brings you back to the start finish line way faster than the Coppa Classic Tour. The later consists of 2 trips of approximately 80kms. 

Sunday the visitors can enjoy the Concours d’Elegance de Merode. 30 cars with an age restriction of 40 years compete for the Best in Show award. Novelty this year was the Masterclass in the Concours d’Elegance de Merode. The winners of the past 4 years battled for the trophy, and in the end  the 1955 Bentley R-Type convinced the jury to give the owner Michiel Hehenkamp the highly wanted award. On the meadows near the castle, approximately 750 classic cars could be enjoyed by the near 10.000 visitors. All of them enjoying a very sunny and succesful Coppa Classic. See you next year.

The Porsches in the Coppa Classic 2018

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts