Deutsche Auto Ikonen


Both the authors of this book, are well-known in the automotive world. Wolfgang Blaube is a journalist, with years of experience in the automobile sector. He’s particularly interested in classic cars, he used to collect cars himself, and writes for several German , British and American magazines. Michel Zumbrunn is probably the best-known car photographer in Germany, and famous all over the world as he created his own style. Zumbrunn considers the cars as part of our culture and not as just objects.

As you all know, Germany has a long tradition in car building and manufacturing. Wolfgang Blaube and Michel Zumbrunn present in this book , the 50 most important, impressive, revolutionary , .. cars ever built in the german automotive history. And ofcourse you understand it’s a hard job to decide which cars belong in this book, and which unfortunately don’t meet the expectations.. after all, it probably would have been easier to present a book with 100 or 200 cars.

The cars that were chosen to be in the book, are presented with some great shots by Michel Zumbrunn, both showing the complete car, or close-ups to present some great details of fine workmanship. Wolfgang Blauwe learns you some great stories about the cars, written in a well understandable language, and very entertaining to read.

You’ll find cars in this book you may never have heard off, makes that ceased to exist long time ago, like the Hanomag 2 / 10 PS, or the FMR TG 500, the Amphicar 770 or the Melkus RS 1000 to name just a few. On the other hand, the well-known german makes are good represented with lots of cars from the Mercedes family, or from the München car builder BMW.

And ofcourse we cannot forget the cars where the Porsche family or Porsche factory was involved, in both building and/or engineering. And I wouldn’t have expected something else, but there’s quite a few .. the Auto Union Grand Prix Rennwagen , the Porsche Typ 64 “Berlin-Rom”, the VW Standard, the Porsche 356A, the Porsche 917, the Porsche 911 Carrera RS, the Porsche 959 ,…

The book represents clearly what the german automotive industry managed to build throughout the years. I would call it another great coffee-table book, which can be enjoyed by those who just want to see some great pictures or those who want to know about these german car-icons.


Author : Wolfgang Blaube / Michel Zumbrunn
Publisher :
Language : German-
Pages : 216 , on high-quality paper, with dozens of full-color pictures
ISBN : 978-3-7688-3354-7

Deutsche Auto-Ikonen Book Cover Deutsche Auto-Ikonen
Wolfgang Blaube, Michel Zumbrunn,
Delius Klasing