Dreamcar International Kortrijk 2016

32nd edition

Dreamcar International was the 2nd classic car show in the most western part of Belgium within an interval of just 2 weeks, after the 2nd edition of the Waregem Oldtimer Event begin december 2016. On top of that, the distance between the venues of both events is only a 15 minute drive. One could wonder if both organisations aren’t fishing in the same pool of exhibitors and visitors. However, there is a huge difference between both classic car shows. First of all, the Dreamcar International has a legacy of 32 years and the backup of the flemish oldtimer magazine Dreamcar. Well, to be honest, that’s not exactly the best backup one could imagine as the publication seems to be on hold for quite a period right now.  But most important in my opinion, the difference between both classic car shows is definitely the style of the event. Where Waregem Oldtimer Event is smaller, and pointed more to the better quality cars, Dreamcar International is more a no-nonsense classic car show.

Exactly as it was all the years before, there’s absolutely no aspect of glamour and luxury in the Kortrijk Xpo.  Naming the Dreamcar International a fleamarket for classic cars might sound a bit humiliating. However it feels like that. And that’s exactly what quite a number of classic car lovers wants. They don’t need the glitter and glamour. All they want is to find parts for their cars, or catch up with classic car fellows to grab a beer and talk for a while. And that’s what the Dreamcar International is all about. Yvette Fontaine, the belgian female rally legend was signing her official biography.  

The 32nd edition wasn’t the show where the Porsche aficionado could find’t lots of cars. In contradiction with the 2015 Dreamcar International, very few Porsches in the Kortrijk Xpo. A few earlier Porsche 911’s and Porsche 912s,  a single Porsche 356, a Porsche 993 and some transaxle Porsches like the 924 or 944. That confirms the trend that the ‘newer’ cars like the Porsche 993 and the transaxle cars have found their way in the collectors world.

Dreamcar International Kortrijk 2016

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography