Flanders Collection Car 2009

Wilfried Geerts visited the annual Flanders Collection Car show, held at the Flanders Expo in Gent (Belgium). He was surprised about the number of Porsches shown on this event which is not dedicated to a particular make, so any vintage (and not so vintage) car is welcome on the show. Each year, the show has a special theme. This year’s theme was ‘Exotics’. The organisers charge a rather low rate to the commercial vendors, so this event is one of the most commercial vintage car events in Belgium.
As on any show, there’s ofcourse space dedicated for vintace car clubs, and ofcourse the collectors of memorabilia and toys will find something they like too.

Wilfried spent special attention to take pictures of the car’s prices, so anyone can see the evolution of the prices. For example the viper-green 911ST look could change hand for Eur 50.000, the 911R look would cost you Eur 40.000

Text : Tim Havermans
Pictures : Wilfried Geerts