Flanders Collection Car 2018

Next to the Antwerp Classic Saloon , and the Brussels Interclassics at the end of the year, is Flanders Collection Car the 3rd largest classic car show in Belgium. Unfortunately that’s not always synonym for the best quality. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not telling you there is lack of cars in the Flanders Collection Car Show. But those that visit the show will definitely not see the rarest of the rare cars, nor the high-end race cars or one-offs that you might see at other shows. Ofcourse both the Antwerp Classic Saloon and the Brussels Interclassics are fortunate enough to be organised by organisations that have shows like Techno Classica in portfolio, or the Maastricht Interclassics. And that’s a difference you’ll notice immediately.

But, for classic car lovers that aren’t looking to visit a museum-like classic car show and just hope to see some daily drivers : they do have great fun in Gent at the Flanders Collection Car. In contradiction to the previously mentioned car shows, Flanders Collection Car is all about cars that are affordable by most classic car passionates. And that’s very important too ofcourse.

In last year’s Flanders Collection Car, we noticed quite some Porsche transaxles. These model range seems to have disappeared somehow. Porsche 911 was the Porsche you would see, not even a Porsche 356. Not the best cars, but cars you could use as a daily driver, or to start a restoration. In our opinion, the organization could have tried to do some more to celebrate the 70 years of Porsche, but we understand there will be many more occasions to come this year.

The Porsches at the Flanders Collection Car 2018

All pictures by Wilfried Geerts