Fully networked: Porsche Cayenne with new Connect functions

One-stop solution: new Porsche Connect App for Apple and Android smartphones

The redesigned Porsche Connect App now offers the driver an even more straightforward and comprehensive environment to access a wide range of vehicle and Connect functions via smartphone. The app is broken down into three mains areas: Navigation, My Vehicle for vehicle-related functions and My Account for user-related services and settings, such as the linking of the Connect App with the user’s Amazon Music and Nest accounts. In the “My Vehicle” area, the driver can see whether the doors, tailgate and windows are closed by means of a representation of their own vehicle shown in three perspectives, and the driver can also lock or unlock the vehicle from this area. Information regarding the vehicle range, oil level and maintenance history can also be called up here, and the monitoring and safety functions of the vehicle can be controlled. You can find detailed information about Porsche Connect via the website www.porsche.com/connect and in the Porsche Connect Store at www.porsche.com/connect-store.