Grüne Hölle : Nürburgring


Every motorsports lover knows about the Nürburgring , in Germany. Many of you probably have bought a ticket to drive the track and experience what it’s like to be on a real race-track and consider themselves at least for a moment in his life a real race-driver. Many stories about the Nürburgring have been heard and read, fascinating histories have been told about the Nordschleife and everyone, and I mean everyone, should at least visit the track once in his life to experience the atmosphere.

The book “Grüne Hölle Nürburging” by the authors Ferdi Kräling and Gregor Messer with a foreword by the belgian ex F1 pilot Jacky Ickx and published by Delius-Klasing give you the opportunity to get an idea of what’s it like to be a spectator on the Nürburgring during one of the many events hosted there.

I consider this book mainly as a coffee-table book, as it has more pictures than words. But nevertheless, the text describes in 4 chapters the atmosphere at the Nurburgring during races with the Touren Wagen (touring cars) , the F1, Sportswagen (sportscars) and the 24 hours of the Nürburgring. The history of the Nürburgring started in 1927 and still continues now, and in this book, you have a good overview of both history and evolution of the races and the cars. Each picture has an accurate description and you only have use your imagination to hear the roaring engines, smell the burning rubber and fear the outcome of horrible crashes.

Ofcourse, you already know this book isn’t only about Porsches , but one can’t imagine the history of Porsche without noticing the Nürburgring. And ofcourse most, if not all , Porsche lovers, love the history of racing, wether it is the races of back then , wether the modern endurance racing, or just racing in general. And one can’t name the word RACE without mentioning the green hell (Grüne Hölle) as Jackie Stewart named the Nürburgring as it is considered the hardest, most dangerous and live-taking race track in the world.


Author : Ferdi Kräling / Gregor Messer
Publisher :
Language : German
Pages : 176 pages with 103 bw pictures , 73 color pictures and 1 drawing
ISBN : 978-3-7688-3274-8

Grüne Hölle : Nürburgring Book Cover Grüne Hölle : Nürburgring
Ferdi Kräling / Gregor Messer
Delius Klasing