Interclassics & Topmobiel Maastricht 2015.

Maastricht_54Maastricht is a cozy town in the Netherlands, real close to the Belgian and German borders. The convention halls on the outskirts of the city host since many years the most important vintage car show of the Netherlands. In its 22nd edition yet, it is a well-known event in the classic-car world, not only in the Netherlands but far abroad.Each year visitors from all over Europe tend to join the show, and they never return home disappointed.

In its 22nd edition yet, there were some novelties. First of all, the show lasted one more day as there was a preview day on Thursday , with opening-hours till 8PM, allowing peopleto visit after work. A great decision in my opinion, as this allowed us to walk around completely focused on the cars without being afraid to constantly bump into another visitor.Second and probably most important novelty presented at the press-conference : the expansion of the show with another show, in November, in Brussels.

Due to the continuously increasing popularity of classic-cars, not only for those who consider it a hobby, but as an investment product too for many people who lost their faith in the financial world, the demand for exhibition space on the show, kept on rising. Maastricht_39The demand was even so high, that the organization no longer had possibilities to expand within the venues of the exhibition halls in Maastricht, the MECC. This is how the idea was born to start another show, in the Maastricht vicinity so they could reach the same public. As Antwerp already has its classic car show, the choice for Brussels was soon made : November 6 2015, the Interclassics Brussels will open its doors for the first time, and it promises to be good.

The 33.000 square meters of exhibition space was completely filled, with over 300 exhibitors. Car-dealers, book-shops, memorabilia merchants, suppliers of tools and parts, and even artwork like the eccentric paintings of Kikki H.

Traditionally Porsche is strong represented at the Maastricht Interclassics and Topmobiel show. There’s no official Porsche participation, but the number of merchants and dealers who specialize in our favorite cars is overwhelming. Porsches from all ages, with the dozens. From the very early Porsche 356, over the different series of the Porsche 911’s to the high luxury series of the Porsche Carrera GT. Obviously the transaxle cars of Porsche become more and more loved by the vintage car lovers too, every event you see more and more Porsche 924 and 944 models showing up.

To no-one’s surprise, the prices of the Porsches keep on rising, which is probably a good thing for those who own one of these, but less for the people looking for one.

Text : Tim Havermans
Pictures : Tim Havermans