International Porsche 356 Meeting Spain 2017

Porsche 356 Club Spain hosts the 42th international Porsche 356 Meeting

Last May there was a striking number of Porsche 356 in the neighbourhood of Rosas, Spain, a small city at the Costa Brava.. The reason why you could encounter that much early Porsches near the  Spanish coastline was Obvious. The Porsche 356 Club of Spain hosted the 35th International Porsche Meeting. Rosas is just 20 miles from the southern border of France and not that far from Gerona and Barcelona, for those who wanted to stay somewhat longer to visit the artworks of Gaudi there.

4 days of aircooled fun

Thursday afternoon the participants started arriving at the hotel where they fulfilled some administration and got handed the necessary documentation. Immediately it became clear the atmosphere was tremendous, as it always is at a International Porsche 356 Meeting. People strolling around the parking lot, admiring the Porsche 356s from all ages. Some of them doing some small repairs, and preparing the cars for the next day trip. Later that night, a welcome dinner was served at the hotel.

Guided tour to the Dali Museum in Figueres

After a great breakfast in the hotel, the tour went over pittoresque roads to Empuriabrave, where the first activity of the weekend took place.  The event wouldn’t be a Porsche event, when there would not be an activity where the participants could show their driving skills. Can you imagine a better place to do that than a karting track ? After lunch, the particpants jumped in a coach to Figueres , where a guided tour to the Dali Museum was their part. After the visit to the Dali Museum, that same coach returned all to Empuriabrava, where the Porsches were eagerly waiting for a trip back home to the hotel

International Porsche 356 Meeting Spain 2017

Pictures by Reinhold Plank / Porsche 356 Club Portugal