International Porsche Collectors Day 2016

Henk Coop, president of the Porsche Model Club Europe and Mark Wegh, owner of the Porsche Centre Gelderland, joined their forces and hosted the International Porsche Collectors Day in Heteren.  Location was the largest Porsche Classic Centre in the world, a brand new and marvellous place with the majestic Porsche Centre Gelderland just in front.

The Porsche Model Club Europe was founded in 1978 by Ulrich Upietz, a name that may sound familiar to you as an author of many Porsche books. Main goal of the Porsche Model Club Europe is to improve communication between Porsche Model Collectors in Europe, and more generally all over the world. The club has been somewhat inactive the last few years but is getting a restart now. Be prepared for some huge activities in 2018 to celebrate the club’s 4oth anniversary.

Last time the club had a comparable event was in the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen, some 5 years ago. Time to start the action, Henk Coop decided. With the help of Mark Wegh, it was just a matter of picking a date and they could start promoting the event.

The International Porsche Collectors Day isn’t a tradition yet, but nevertheless numerous vendors and visitors showed up in Heteren. It was a continuously coming and going in the showroom of the Porsche Classic Centre where the vendors showed their toys, collectibles, literature and memorabila. There was even some international attention with vendors from Belgium, Germany and even Denmark. Visitors were mainly from the Netherlands but we spotted folks from Germany, Belgium and France too. Most of the major European Porsche collectors showed up, if not for buying than at least for catching up with the fellow collectors to enjoy some food and have a chat.

As I think this was a 1st time event, even though it was actually the 4th because the last one took place 5 years ago, I consider it a succes seen the number of tables and visitors, and more important, the quality of the goods offered. Andersen Collectibles from Denmark once again had some rarities, one of them an extremely Porsche 917 spare-parts list. Actually this was the first I’ve ever seen in all the years of collecting myself.  I am convinced this event can grow into an event like the Strähle Porsche Swap Meet that takes place in November. After all, this is only the 2nd likewise event and there’s collectors enough in Europe. Look what the LA Lit and Toy show looks like nowadays and where it came from.  We definitely encourage Henk Coop and Mark Wegh not to wait longer and immediately start working on a 2nd edition.

International Porsche Collectors Day 2016

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography