Laguna Seca Raceway

Laguna SecaLaguna Seca Raceway opened in 1957, after the closing of the nearby 1.8 mile Pebble Beach (1950 – 1956) which ran over public roads. Laguna Seca lies within the grounds of Fort Ord US Army base, 5 miles east of Monterey, California. The track is approximately 1.9 mile (3.058km) long and 30ft (9,15 mtr) wide.  The track rises from 700ft (213mtr) above sea-level in the pit-area to 940ft (286,5mtr), offering excellent spectator visibility from hillside within the circuit.

Stirling Moss, winner of the 19060 and 1961 Monterey Grand Prix, regards the track as one of racing’s best short circuits. The track is operated by SCRAM (Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula), who lease the land from the US Army and turn over all profits to charity. Laguna Seca is the site where among others the Monterey Historics take place, and the last 2 Porsche Rennsport Reunion meetings were kept.

In 1970, Vic Elford earned the pole with a record 58.8 second qualifying lap but failed to start when his Chaparral broke the engine during practice at race day.

One of the most legendary curves at the Laguna Seca is the corkscrew. For drivers it’s liking diving in the deep without knowing what to expect.

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