Liebe zu Ihm brochure and advertising material

Liebe zu Ihm  brochure

This 4-colour brochure was included in a Porsche Christophorus Magazine somewhere in spring 1960. So far I was
able to make out that brochure and order-form were included or in Christophorus 44 or 45 (German edition). Because of the difference in numbering, this means Christophorus 27 or 28 for the English edition.

The brochure is 21cm high and 15cm wide and folded in two equal parts. As Christophorus Magazines had German, English and French texts inside, the brochure of Liebe zu Ihm was only in German and English.

Brochure Frontcover
Front Cover Liebe zu Ihm Brochure
Front Cover Liebe zu Ihm Brochure

The frontcover of the brochure shows almost exactly the same picture as the one on the cover of the
book. The difference is that the background on the cover is white, color of the font is different (black on the book, some kind of red / pink on the brochure. Besides that, the car on the brochure is placed a bit more to the right. These differences might mean that there has been a change in the layout of the cover of the book , after publishing
material has been printed.

Brochure Backcover


Back Cover Liebe zu Ihm Brochure
Back Cover Liebe zu Ihm Brochure

On the right side of the backcover the text goes :

Don’t think only of giving your friends a pleasure !
Order the colored picture-book also for yourself!
Cloth binding with wrapper $9

As the Porsche car itself is manufactured in small numbers, similarly only a limited edition is scheduled for this picture album.

Brochure inside


Content Liebe zu Ihm Brochure
Content Liebe zu Ihm Brochure
Meeting with Porsche cars

The illustrated work on the Porsche motor car, long awaited by many Porsche enthousiasts is now in preparation and will be available by fall 1960.
By courtesy of Dr.-Ing. h.
c. F. Porsche K.-G. in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, the complete photograph files for the past ten years were made available and subjected to scrupulous sorting
and selection. Included are selected photographs from “Christophorus” and the total extended with
many new and never before published photos.

The resulting work Love for the Porsche will give great pleasure to any Porsche driver and his friends.
From many countries, occassions and seasons, this living panorama of the first Porsche decade is perpetuated in this illustrated work.

Order form (postcard)
b/w Liebe zu Ihm postcard
b/w Liebe zu Ihm postcard

in the brochure above one can clearly see the order form , to be cut out of the brochure. For those that didn’t want to cut the order form loose, Hermann Lapper choose to provide an extra order form (postcard).
So far I have 2 different order forms in my collection. One in black and white, an other one in 2 color print (black / gold)

black/gold Liebe zu Ihm postcard
black/gold Liebe zu Ihm postcard