Max Moritz Racing Team


Max Moritz started his career as an independent merchant in his early twenties. In 1950 he opened one of the first Porsche dealerships, where he sold Porsches next to Volkswagen.  The business was very succesful that made him  the best German Volkswagen and Porsche dealership. In 1970 the Max Moritz Autohaus started selling AUDI’s too.   Just one year before that, the Max Moritz Racing Team was founded.  The first race car in the team was a Porsche 914/6. Despite not being very succesful the first season,  the team continued it’s efforts the next year, with support of Manfred Jantke,  responsible for the Porsche Press department at the time. Manfred Jantke wanted to fight the rumours that the Porsche 914/6 was not a good race-car. Therefore he wanted the Max Moritz Team having good race results with the Porsche 914/6 , offering them factory support to optimize the car.  That way, one of the best race Porsche 914/6 was built. The car is believed to be the fastest car in the 2.0 liter.

Later the Max Moritz Racing Team moved it’s efforts to more powerfull cars. Differen Porsche 911 RS and RSR entered races all over Europe and soon they moved on with the Porsche 911 RS  934 and Porsche 935’s. Many of the pilots with a name written in capitals when it comes to racing started at least once in a car bearing the Max Moritz Racing Team nam : Jacky Ickx, Jürgen Barth, Edgar Dören, Manfred Schurti, …

The Max Moritz Racing Team was rather small compared to some of it’s competitors like the Georg Loos Racing Team or the Kremer Racing Team. However, they knew how to make it hard for the opponents and always fought a fair battle. Many times with great succes.


When Eckard Schimpf buys a Porsche 914/6 at the Max Moritz dealership, a new story in the racing team starts. Eckard Schimpf was not only a racer himself, he was responsible for the sponsor budget of Jägermeister too. The brandnew Porsche 914/6 won the first race it participated in, and that was the very first appearance of a racecar in the world famous orange livery.

Jürgen Lewandowski, notorious author and Porsche connaisseur has done a tremendous job researching the history of the Max Moritz Racing Team. Starting with the history of the dealership he moves on in different chapters to finally complete with statistics of all races. The book is illustrated with over 300 pictures, many of them period pictures and never published before. Most of these pictures are from private archives. That’s why quality may not always be optimal. On the other hand that’s how they express the feeling the book aims for. Bringing you back in the time when the Max Moritz Racing Team made furore. We can definitely recommend this book , both for Porsche and race fans.


Author: Jürgen Lewandowski
Photo Editors : Nicole Herzel / Rüdiger Mayer
Publisher ; View Publishing
Pages : 304 pages, over  300 colour and b/w pictures
Language : German
ISBN-Nr.: 978-3-945-39704-6

Max Moritz Racing Team Book Cover Max Moritz Racing Team
Jürgen Lewandowski
View Publishing
Hardcover with slipcase