Motor Racing Heroes : The Stories of 100 greats


From his early childhood, which he spent for about 10 years in Melbourne, Australie, the author, Robert Newman was passionate about motor racing. His 2 favorite pilots were Juan Miguel Fangio and Stirling Moss, 2 men that would play an important role in Newman’s life later on. After hs return from Australia back to the UK, Newman started a career as a journalist for a Kent newspaper, later he was correspondent for magazines and so on.

During his career as a PR manager for the tyre manufacturer Pirelli, Newman got in touch with lots of the great drivers of the era. :Gigi Villoresi, Phil Hill, Tony Brooks, José Froilán Gonzalez, Karl Kling, Giannino Marzotto, Jack Brabham, John Surtees Ronnie Peterson, Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell plus world champion rally drivers Sandro Munari, Markku Alén, Bjorn Waldegard, Stig Blomqvist to name just a few. After his retirement he started translating motorsport and automotive books from Italian to English and he wrote columns for the American Vintage Racecar Journal. One of his columns was named Heroes, and this book has 100 of the columns in it of the pilots that Robert Newman considered the most important to him.

Unfortunately it’s not described why these folks are the 100 greatest for him, nor has it images that would enlighten the book and make it more accessible to some of the folks that don’t really like to read but nevertheless want motorsport books on their bookshelf.

Unless you have read the original colums in the American Vintage Racecar Journal, this book is a great addition to any motorsport library, as the stories told about the 100 drivers are great to read and nice to know. If you expect this book to be a encyclopedia, I don’t think this is the one you need to buy. If you like to know some pleasant and nice-to-know stories about drivers that made the motorsport to what it is now, just don’t hesitate to order it. I enjoyed the read, and I’m pretty sure you will too


Author : Robert Newman
Publisher :
Language : English
Pages : 384
ISBN : 9781845847487

Motor Racing Heroes Book Cover Motor Racing Heroes
Robert Newman
Veloce Publishing Ltd
June 15, 2014

100 heroes from almost 100 years of motor sport are covered in this book. Revealing the determination, heroism, raw courage, skill at the wheel – and just plain humanity – that has elevated men and women into the special, rarified atmosphere of heroism.