The 2nd weekend of August, the legendary Nurburgring in Germany hosts the annual Oldtimer GP.
This event is a must for any serious vintage car lover, since cars from the past are used what they were designed for. That is racing. The event attracts hundreds of race cars to compete in differentt series. On Friday even the iconic Nordschleife is used for the Marathon race.

This year, 63000 people attend the event. Among them many famous people like Kurt Ahrens , Walter Rohrl , Jackie Oliver , Harald Grohs , Stig Blomquist and many others.

These great names can be seen in cars like Porsche 911, quite obvious isn’t it. But there’s some less common cars too. How about the Porsche 908 on a race track, or the Kremer Porsche 935K3 ? It is so impressive to see these cars on a track with so much history. Pretty sure the pilots are having as much fun as the visitors.

It is always a great pleasure to be part of an important event like this one. Not only do you feel the spirit of back the when walking through the pits, but you can literally smell the burning rubber, the petrol and feel the tension at the track. I recommend to visit next year
Pictures : Wilfried Geerts

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