Porsche 911 RSR finishes six-hour race on the podium

Quotes after the race

Steffen Höllwarth, Porsche Programme Manager IMSA SportsCar Championship: “We can be happy with positions three and four. A clever tyre choice and a good strategy put us in the lead in the first half of the race. Then the safety car came out at an inopportune time. Several parts were lying on the track, but it wasn’t as if a car had hit the wall. For this reason you didn’t necessarily expect the safety car to be deployed. Several vehicles that were running far behind us opted to take the risk and come in for an early pit stop and that brought them forward. But when you’re running in the lead you don’t risk making such a stop.”

Patrick Pilet (Porsche 911 RSR #911): “It was a very intense race. The heat inside the cockpit was extreme and during my final stint my drinking system didn’t work. Now I’m thirsty but I’m also pleased to have climbed the podium. The race was a little complicated. At the beginning I was really wedged in and that means you lose a lot of downforce. In terms of strategy I’m proud of the team. We responded well. Ultimately we earned important championship points to take home.”

Nick Tandy (Porsche 911 RSR #911): “I’m pleased that we finished on the podium. Our car was fast and reliable. The caution phases didn’t go so well for us, but that’s typical for sports car races. When we were leading I could really go flat out. Overtaking, however, was extremely difficult.”

Porsche 911 RSR (912), Porsche GT Team: Earl Bamber, Laurens Vanthoor - Porsche 911 RSR (911) Patrick Pilet - Nick Tandy
Porsche 911 RSR (912), Porsche GT Team: Earl Bamber, Laurens Vanthoor – Porsche 911 RSR (911) Patrick Pilet – Nick Tandy

Laurens Vanthoor (Porsche 911 RSR #912): “We did our best and fought hard. The field was very tight so it came down to the details. Our speed was good but we simply got stuck behind other cars too often. Implementing various strategic measures we attempted to manoeuvre ourselves out of these situations but it didn’t work. Luck simply wasn’t on our side today.”

Earl Bamber (Porsche 911 RSR #912): “It was a close race with many great duels. We had bad luck with the safety car and five seconds made all the difference. At times it looked as if we could win the race. We had the speed to win, but overtaking was extremely tricky here. Had we been in the lead longer then things would have gone differently for us with the pit stops.”

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