Porsche 917 – Owners Workshop Manual by Ian Wagstaff


Haynes Publishing added a book to its ‘Owners Workshop Manual’ series that probably nobody would have thought about. Even though the Porsche 917 is an iconic car, driven by legendary racers like Vic Elford, Gijs van Lennep or Hans Herrmann, you don’t expect to find a workshop manual for a race-car like this in a bookshop.The car starred n the Le Mans Movie, in the hands of Steve McQueen, whose car featured the iconic John Wyer Automotive (JWA) Gulf livery.

The book may actually not exactly be what you might think it is. It is not a workshop manual that will learn you how to finetune the powerful engine of this race monster. Nor wil it teach you how to adjust the suspension for a certain track, or repair the clutch or gearbox.  In short, this is not a workshop manual in the Haynes tradition. However there’s a lot of information about the 917 and an incredible collection of close-up photographs from every angle

As we all know, a Porsche 917 is a multi-million dollar (or Euro) car. This makes only highly skilled and trained professionals are allowed to work on a car like the Porsche 917. So must of us can only keep on dreaming of just coming in the neighbourhood of one of the cars that made race history in a way like the Porsche 917 did.

Reading the Porsche 917 – Owners Manual helps you  in providing a fascinating insight into the design, evolution, operation, maintenance and restoration of the Porsche 917.  Not the most complete book ever written on the Porsche 917 but definitely a great addition to your library.


Author : Ian Wagstaff
   : 160
Porsche 917 Owners' Workshop Manual 1969 onwards (all models) Book Cover Porsche 917 Owners' Workshop Manual 1969 onwards (all models)
Ian Wagstaff
December 15, 2015