Porsche 924 – Die perfekte Balance


The transaxle construction technique Porsche had introduced  meant a complete innovation and initiated an extremely successful series of models such as 924, 928, 944 and 968 which became known as “rebels”, considered the perfect sports car by their aficionados but damned as a meander in Porsche’s history by others.
This book, first volume of a new series handling the various transaxle models built by Porsche, depicts the evolution of Porsche 924. This popular and highly sought after new classic car plays a big part in this fascinating Era of which the special exhibition at the Porsche Museum in Germany pays its tribute to.
It was for the first time that Porsche came with a car on the market with a front-engine that was water-cooled. Many Porsche fans reacted with anger and disbelief. However, over 40 years later, these cars are becoming highly wanted and true classics. 

Automotive journalist Jan-Henrik Muche starts his research with the normal Porsche 924 and continues with the Turbo’s all the way to the Porsche 924 Carrera GT and GTS.  Probably not the book you’ll find in a Porsche fan that only loves the Porsche 911 models, but definitely worth to be in your library if you like the Transaxle period..

Porsche 924 - Die perfekte Balance Book Cover Porsche 924 - Die perfekte Balance
Jan-Henrik Muche
Heel Verlag
July 22 2017
German language