The Porsche 928 wasn’t always loved the way it is nowadays. In 1977, despite the world being in a fuel-crisis at the moment, the Porsche management decidedto launch a brandnew model : the Porsche 928, a car with a stunning performance, powered by a V8 engine. However, nor the design of the car, nor the performancemade the people go to the showrooms to fill out an order form ? Was it the price of the car? Was it the fear that fuel-prices would continue skyrocketing ?Or was it just the conservatism of the Porsche customers that continued choosing for a Porsche 911, and the traditional flat-6 engine ? Hard to tell, but the sales-figures neverreached the level the Porsche management hoped for.

Now we’re over a decade since the last Porsche 928 was produced, and the car has become more popular nowadays than it ever was. It looks like people now do appreciatethe technological strength of the car more than at the time of it’s launching.

Brian Long has been doing research for the Porsche 928 model for a long time, with this great book as a result. He looks at the complete history of the model, from it’s early years up to the moment the car retired. He thoroughly describes all possible variants that have been procuded for the different markets worldwide and ofcourse you can’t write a bookabout a Porsche model without diving into the race history of that model too.

The book is illustrated with contemporary pictures and drawings, and is a perfect guide to anyone who just want’s to know more about the Porsche 928, or as a guide for thosethat are looking to buy one.


Author : Brian Long
Publisher : Veloce Publishing
Language : English
Pages : 208 pages/ 431 pictures
ISBN : 978-1-903706-30-5

Porsche 928 Book Cover Porsche 928
Brian Long
Veloce Publishing Ltd