Porsche Boxster – the 986 series 1986 – 2004


Whilst generating a huge amount of interest when shown as a concept car in 1993, buyers had to wait until 1996 for the production version of the Boxster. In true Porsche tradition, the model was subjected to a programme of continuous development and allowed to evolve, with increasingly sportier versions following year after year. Told by a leading marque authority, this is the definitive story of Porsche’s affordable roadster from prototype stage to 2004, the year which signalled the end of the original 986 series. The work is illustrated with factory-sourced images and details of the cars sold in all the major markets.

The author, Brian Long is a professional writer with a passion for vintage cars. As a longterm Porsche owner with a strong connection the the Porsche factory and access to the Porsche archives, he dug into the history of a car that once was spit out by the Porsche lovers for ‘not being a true Porsche’.

This book belongs on the bookshelf of any true Porsche enthusiast and is next to a pleasant read a great resource when you want to bring your car back to complete authenticity

Porsche Boxster Book Cover Porsche Boxster
Brian Long
Veloce Publishing Ltd
December 14, 2015