Porsche Christophorus 1

Date : 1952
Number of pages : 40
Price in 1952 : 1.5 German Marks
Language : German

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  • Herbert A. Quint (pseudonym of Richard von Frankenberg) tells about Professor Porsches hardest decision.
  • Story about the rally Schnellhaas in Lichtenberg. One of the first ever Porsche gatherings.
  • The Story of an unusual holiday : ‘I was in Africa’
  • Differences between Swiss and German traffic use.
  • Ernst Hornickel tells us about the most famous GP- drivers.
  • In Memoriam : Bernd Rosemeyer
  • Richard von Frankenberg tells us the inside story of the Porsche World Records
  • technical story by H. W. Bonsch about cylinders.
  • New options for Porsches
  • C.O. Windecker about open and closed Markets : export problems.
  • Historical reminiscences
  • News about the authors and the redaction.