Porsche, Die Marke, Die Werbung, Geschichte einer Leidenschaft

Dieter Landerberger, head of the Porsche Archives, recently wrote a book ‘Porsche. The brand, the advertising, story of a passion’.

The Porsche advertising was, and still is so unconventional and exciting as the Porsches themselves. Even from the early beginnings of the production of Porsches, in 1948, the factory published brochures and posters to promote their cars. These brochures and posters have always been real pieces of art. Some pictures of the book are shown underneath this article.
So far, the book is only available in German. I have no idea if there are intentions to translate to English.

The book counts 340 pages, 470 pictures and is printed on high-quality paper. In 10 chapters , this book tells the story of Porsche and the evolution of their advertising, from posters to brochures and so on.

Chapter 1 : Porsche – von Namen zur Marke
Chapter 2 : Werbung in Ihrer schönsten Form – Die Ära 356
Chapter 3 : Generationswechsel – Der Porsche 911
Chapter 4 : Porsche bleibt Porsche – Die VW-Porsche Vertriebsgesellschaft
Chapter 5 : Zum verlieben schön … Werbung zwischen kontinuität und Wandel
Chapter 6 : Die Achtziger Jare : Vom Porschefahren
Chapter 7 : Aut Talfahrt – Porsche in der Krise
Chapter 8 : Der Porsche-Turnaround
Chapter 9 : Das Porsche-Prinzip
Chapter 10 : Unternehmensgeschichte

978-3832191368 Book Cover 978-3832191368
Porsche, Die Marke, Die Werbung, Geschichte einer Leidenschaft
Dieter Landenberger
DuMont Buchverlag GmbH