Porsche Sound Nacht 2017

 1970 Porsche 908/03

Peter Falk needs no introduction at all. He belongs to the best known race directors in the world. Peter Falk was with Porsche more than three decades.Not only did Peter Falk play a vital role in the development of many legendary sports and racing cars such as the Porsche 917. As racing director he was primarily responsible for the greatest successes of the Porsche 956/962 in the Group C Sports Car category in the 1980s.

The Porsche 908/03 that joined Peter Falk on the podium was developped with the curvy tracks of the Targa Florio in Sicily and the Nordschleife in Germany in mind. However, at first, Ferdinand Piëch first insisted on using the much  more powerful Porsche 917 in the Targa Florio. Soon it became obvious that the Porsche 908 was a far better choice for this track, especially with skilled drivers like Vic Elford or Brian Redman at the wheel.

2000 Porsche 911 GT3

Romain Dumas is not only a great endurance racer with  an impressive list of victories at the Le Mans 24H,  the Spa 6H, Nurburgring 24H or the Sebring 12H and even a Worldchampionships title. Next to that Romain Dumas masters the Porsche 911 and other cars very succesful at different rallies to.  Roland Kussmaul was both an engineer and a racer of cars in the period he worked for Porsche. Roland Kussmal was once asked to drive a prominent visitor as a passenger in a Porsche 911 on the test track in Weissach.

Ernst Fuhrmann asked him to drive carefully, but the passenger insisted on a heavier foot. So Roland Kussmaul pushed the pedal to the metal. There was a slight jump at the Weissach race track and at the right speed the cars were launched into the air. And that’s exactly what happened. Ernst Fuhrmann was furious and the passenger had to defend Roland Kussmauls actions by admitting it was on his own demand.