Porsche Sounds


People that love Porsche are usually not just overwhelmed by the looks of the car. There’s so much more, like the huge victory list of victories in motorsports, and the longest existing client magazine Porsche Christophorus. Porsche has always done the most to see its clients not solely as the people that bought the cars, but rather as a family, or a group of friends, sharing the same passion. The Porsche factory has a very strong history with strong connections to Volkswagen. After all, the founder of Porsche, Ferdinand Porsche, nicknamed the old professor, was the man who designed the Volkswagen Beetle, with the legendary flat4 aircooled engine. An engine with a very specific sound.

This book is all about the sound, not only the sound of the engines of some of the most legendary Porsche models, but there’s a CD with music from famous rock bands too. And in case you want to relax with some quiet classical music, the 3rd CD included in this book will definitely bring you the rest you need.


Author : Dieter Landenberger
Publisher : Edel Classics GMBH
Language : Engels
Pages : 120
ISBN : 9783940004833

Porsche Sounds Book Cover Porsche Sounds
Dieter Landenberger
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