Porsche Victory 2016


After the 2015 victory for Porsche in the Le Mans 24H, ofcourse they were eager to get that highest spot on the podium again. However, it didn’t look that good. After several position switches, in the end Toyota made a more solid impression throughout the race. They ran in first position with a few minutes advance to the Porsche 919 of Mark Lieb, Neel Jani and Romain Dumans. However, a 24H endurance race isn’t finished until the chequered flag goes down. Just a few minutes left and the Toyota when the Toyota lost power and had to cover the remaining distance at very slow speed. The Porsche 919 came closer and closer, and finally overtook to the Toyota. A tragical end for a team that in the end deserved victory but didn’t even get it to the rankings as they were disqualified. The last lap took too much time. Disbelief in the Toyota Pits, mixed feelings in the Porsche paddocks.

The 18th overall Le Mans 24H Victory was a fact. Maybe not the most deserved according to some critics. However, in my opinion a race isn’t finished before you cross the finish line. Too bad for Toyota, big respect for them as they did a great job. Back luck struck down on them , but that doesn’t mean Porsche didn’t deserve the victory as well.

In this book, Porsche Victory 2016, René de Boer and Tim Upietz describe in a detailed way the complete process of the efforts it takes to fulfill a race-team’s dream and bring home the ultimate trophy. They start with the presentation of the Porsche LMP1 and LMP2 cars at Paul Ricard. A technical overview of both the Porsche 919 Hybrid and Porsche 911 RSR.

Of course cars only won’t win the race, so you get a short biography of all of the drivers involved. Mark WebberBrendon Hartley and Timo Bernhard , Romain Dumas, Neel Jani and Marc Lieb. Even the Porsche Customer teams,that have a extensive support from the factory, get good attention in the Porsche Victory 2016 : Dempsey Proton Racing #77 (Richard Lietz, Michael Christensen, Philipp Eng), KCMG #78 (Christian Ried, Wolf Henzler, Joel Camathias), Gulf Racing UK #86 (Michael Wainwright, Adam Caroll, Benjamin Barker), Abu Dhabi Proton Racing #88 (Khaled Al Qubaisi, David Heinemeier Hansson, Patrick Long) , Proton Competition #89 (Cooper MacNeil, Lehman Keen, Marc Miller) and the 2 Porsche Motorsport teams in the factory Porsche 911 RSR. Team #91 with Patrick Pilet, Kevin Estre and Nick Tandy and Team #92 with Frederic Makowiecki, Earl Bamber and Joerg Bergmeister.
After a brief presentation of the famous La Sarthe track, the book continues with the test week for the Porsche team at Le Mans, followed by the scrutineering , practice , qualification and of course the race.

Both in words and with gorgeous pictures you can literally follow everything that happens in the cockpit, on the track, and in the pits. The book has great statistics about the race too. Porsche Victory 2016 can be seen as well as a great coffee-table book, with hundreds of pictures, as as a book you can read to learn more about the longest day of the year in racing-terms : race day at the Le Mans 24h.


Author : René de Boer & Tim Upietz
Publisher : Gruppe C Motorsport Verlag
Language : German / English / French
Pages : 192 pages with 500 color pictures
ISBN : 978-3928540858

Porsche Victory 2016 Book Cover Porsche Victory 2016
Rene de Boer
Gruppe C Motorsport Verlag