Porsche – Vom Konstruktionsbüro zur Weltmarke

Porsche: Vom Konstruktionsbüro zur Weltmarke

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In 1931 the old Professor, Ferdinand Porsche, started a design-office. . From the early start to his death in 1951, Ferdinand Porsche helped build the fundaments of the company that Porsche now is : one of the most powerfull and most influential automotive companies in history. Wolfram Jutta, one of the most renowned German historians, spend several years researching the complete history of the first years of Porsche. Porsche has helped Wolfram Jutta by allowing him full acces to the historical archives and providing him the information he wanted. Only so, Wolfram Jutta mananged to combine the technical, historical, economical and political facts into a rather easy readible story, that tells you the complete history of the first years of Porsche. 

Our conclusion after spending hours reading the book is that this is a great addition to anyone who is interested in the early history of Porsche. However, you must master the German language. So far we don’t know about an English translation of the book, but we definitely hope it will come soon. 


Authors : Wolfram Pyta, Nils Havemann, Jutta Braun
Publisher : Siedler Verlag
Language : German
Pages : 512 with 14 b/w pictures
ISBN : 978-3-8275-0100-4

Porsche : Vom Konstruktionsbüro zur Weltmarke Book Cover Porsche : Vom Konstruktionsbüro zur Weltmarke
Wolfram Jutta, Nils Havemann, Jutta Braun
Siedler Verlag
Sept 2017