Retroclassics Stuttgart 2012

The same weekend that Essen was crowded with vintage car lovers, somewhat deeper to the south of Germany, another important vintage car show took place. In Stuttgart, which I personally consider to be the car capital of the world, at the Messe near the airport, thousands of people enjoyed a great show.

The Retroclassics was organised for the 12th time this year, and each year you definitely see the show growing and gaining more importance. So far the Retroclassics is smaller than Technoclassica, less international which ofcourse has some advantages too. This show has more individuals and smaller vendors showing their cars and stuff. More vendors from the German neigbhours like Switzerland and Austria.

And ofcourse can one imagine a vintage car show in the backyard of the factory, without having Porsche as a prominent participator ?

Next year , the show will take place from March 7 till March 10. Beter write this down in your agenda as you really don’t want to miss this one.

Pictures : Wilfried Geerts