The RUF CTR3 is the  top model of RUF and combines decades of experience with latest technology and timeless design. The RUF CTR3 is a vehicle that enthuses by far more than exceptional technology and driving dynamics: it comes with its complete own individual design. For the external observer the low and wide front end of the CTR3 together with the steeply rising wings form an athletic appearance.


With the specific design of the wings and a very low a-pillar the pilot of the CTR3 has the perception of a very low seat position which enhances the race car feeling. The height of the roof is only 46 inch. Underneath the carbon skin various high performance components are combined. The turbo charged flat 6 engine produces impressive 777 hp and has a torque of 980 Nm (723 lb ft). This power is transferred to the rear wheels via a 6 speed manual or an optional 7 speed double clutch gear box. The mid-engine coupe has a low center of gravity and builds very low. The rear axle construction includes horizontal springs and shock absorbers. The highest expansion stage is the CTR3 Clubsport which comes among other details with wheel house extensions and a fixed carbon rear spoiler.


Technical Data RUF CTR3

Power : 777 HP / 571 kW  @ 7.100/min
Torque : 980 Nm @ 4.000/min   730 lb ft
Displacement : 3.746ltr
Transmission : 6-speed manual sequential gearbox / 7-speed double clutch gearbox
Top Speed :380 km/h

Dimesnsions & weight

Kerb weight DIN 1400 kg
Wheelbase 2625 mm
Power-weight ratio 2,45 kg/kW / 1,80 kg/hp

Fuel consumption

urban 20,0 l/100km
non-urban 10,2 l/100km
combined 13,7
CO2 – emissions 325 g/km
efficiency class G