SoCal Porsche Swap Meet

One of the major gatherings of Porsches during the LA literature and toy show weekend is without any doubt the SoCal Porsche Swap Meetat the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. Ofcourse this means seeing faces that seem familiar to you cause you may have crossed the same peopleat a different spot during the weekend too. But ofcourse that doesn’t spoil the Porsche fun.

South California Porsche Swap Meet Anaheim
Ideal place to find parts

Compared to the showers the crowd had to experience the night before at the European Collectibles open house in Costa Mesa, the SoCal Porsche Swap Meet got away quite good. Yes there was some rain in the early morning, yes it was rather cold and cloudy. But at least no-one got really soaked.

Ofcourse the weather conditions had their influence of the number of exhibitors and visitors. Nevertheless, lots of parts vendors showed up, showing theirgoods to the audience walking by on the closed parking lot of the Phoenix Club. Most of the vendors in the tent were familiar to those that visited the LA Literatureand Toy Show the day before at the LAX Hilton Hotel, but some of them had an exclusive show-up at the Phoenix Club. The lawn in the back of the Phoenix Club, that’susually completely filled with Porsches looked rather empty this year. Lots of folks didn’t want to take the risk to drive their vintage Porsche and have it completely messed upby the possible rainshowers.

Despite that, as a true Porsche lover, it was so great fun to visit the swap meet again, even though I didn’t find anything of real use for myself, I could notice lots of guysbying parts and cars. And ofcourse, once again, seeing the people with happy faces once again learned what a great family the Porsche family is.

Let’s hope next year the SoCal Porsche Swap Meet will have a blue sky and warm sun. See you all !!!