Stuttgart Retroclassics 2015.

When you see the figures of these 15th edition of the Retroclassics in Stuttgart, I guess a true classic car adept utters a deep sigh when he wasn’t one of the visitors. One really had to have a good reason not to do the effort to visit the Retroclassics, as it turned out once again as one, if not the most important oldtimer show in Europe or maybe even the world.

The 9 halls of the Stuttgart Messe were literally piled with anything you can have in mind what considers classic cars : from the tiniest nut and bolt to the completely restored cars ready for a concours.

Porsche 718 at Porsche stand
Porsche 718

As any car enthusiast knows, Stuttgart is the home town of 2 of the major car manufacturers of the world. As a child many of us dreamed about driving a Mercedes or Porsche, the 2 Stuttgart based cars. So nobody is surprised that these 2 play a major role in the Retroclassics. The Porsche museum brought the cars that were in the special exhibition ‘Project : Top secret’ to the aula of the Messe. Last year in the museum, 16 cars were unearthed from the secret caves of the museum, all of them prototypes or in an experimental phase, to show to the world what the engineers and design departments of Porsche are capable to do. Some of these cars made it to the production line, some of the were made to do some testing. Next to that, Porsche had it’s main display in Hall4. Of course we spent quite some time there to meet with some friends and to admire the magnificent Porsche GT1 or the Porsche 718. To many the Porsche 356 under restoration at the Porsche stand probably went by without spending too much notice to it. However this was a unique car : a Porsche 356 Carrera 2 Cabriolet, one of only 34 and the only one worldwide with a factory sunroof equipped hardtop. The car is owned by the Berlin Porsche dealership, undergoing a nut to bolt restoration and is for sale. A unique opportunity to own a one of a kind and stunning Porsche 356.

ex Roy Scheckter Porsche 718-023
ex Roy Scheckter Porsche 718-023

Those that went to the Paris Retromobile met some old friend at the Axel Schuette stand : the ex Roy Scheckter Porsche 718-023. Mirbach, a well-known german vintage car dealer had 2 Porsche rarities, which we might see back at the Technoclassica : a Glockler Porsche that could be yours for 1.2 mio Euro and a Devin Porsche with a 285K Euro price-ticket. Next to these extreme rarities, of course dozens and dozens of Porsches like a 1952 Glaser Cabriolet , of which only about 20 are made, and just a few still exist. Price ticket : approx. 800K Euro for this amazing beauty. In case you weren’t looking for a museum piece like the previously mentioned , but rather in need of a more common Porsche to be used as a daily driver : no worries , plenty of choice from low mileage cars to cars that used to have better days and could rather be seen a good base for a restoration. Just keep in thing in mind : there seems to be no cool down on the prices of early Porsches, and especially the short wheel and pre 1973 Porsche 911’s seem to be pure gold.

We spent 2 days in Stuttgart at the Retroclassics, and we did regret we had to leave to take a flight back home. This show is just so overwhelming you can only calm down after you’re sure you’ll be back in a year. Awesome.

Text : Tim Havermans
Pictures : Tim Havermans