Successful maiden race season with two titles for the new Porsche 911 RSR

Works drivers and teams involved in the development

The Porsche GT works drivers were included in the 911 RSR project at a very early stage. At first, the main priorities were to optimise the correct seating position, the visibility to the front as well as the ergonomics. Drivers must not be affected by a poor seating position, especially at long distance races. Another key factor is the layout of the many lights and switches on the steering wheel and in the cockpit. Every button and switch must be easily accessible and easy to use. As a starting point, a basis was found. The fine tuning came once the car was put on its wheels. From the first test, the drivers were involved in identifying weaknesses and further developing the car in conjunction with the engineers.

The drivers are extremely pleased with the result of this very open cooperation. Richard Lietz, the 2015 winner of the FIA Endurance World Cup as the best GT pilot, sums it up this way: “The new 911 RSR is the best GT car that Porsche has ever built.” After the 2017 debut season, in which the 911 RSR was exclusively fielded by the works team in the FIA WEC and the IMSA Championship, Porsche Motorsport offers the vehicle to selected customer squads in 2018.

Hand made: Assembly of 911 RSR at Weissach

Other facts and figures

The new 911 RSR consists of 5,342 individual parts in total. Of this, the vehicle is made up of 3,646 parts, with the engine containing 1,282 parts and the gearbox 414 parts. The largest single part is the body, with the smallest component a circlip in the door handle.

Seven 911 RSR were built by Porsche Motorsport in Weissach for the 2017 motor racing season: Two for the Sports Car World Endurance Championship WEC, two for the IMSA SportsCar Championship, and three test vehicles. It takes four employees ten working days to build one 911 RSR.

Since the roll-out in March 2016 to its first race in January 2017 at the Daytona 24-hour race, over 35,000 test kilometres have been covered on various racetracks with the new 911 RSR – that’s more than in the development of any other Porsche GT race car.

The new Porsche 911 RSR : development, rollout and test run in Sebring