The Esssential Buyer’s Guide -Porsche 944

All Models 1982 – 1991

Do you fancy a Porsche 944 ? Thinking about buying one of these transaxle models but somehow afraid since you don’t know what the weak spots are ? You don’t really know what to look for when you spotted a car you like? Thinking about the cost that maybe involved when you buy a car with hidden difficulties?

All this is no problem when you have this book in your pocket. Model specialists Andrew Higgins and Jon Mitchell explain accurately what’s important when inspecting a Porsche 944, using brief methods and clear pictures.

No matter what the subject is : electrics, engine, suspension, brakes, tyres, interior. The authors know what should be inspected carefully to prevent you from buying a bad car and leaving you with a empty wallet and a road-unworthy car.

This is definitely a complete guide to choosing and buying the Porsche 944 you want!


Author : Andrew Higgins & John Mitchell
Publisher : Veloce Publishing
Language : English
Pages : 64
ISBN : 9-781845-845711

Porsche 944 Book Cover Porsche 944
Andy Higgins, Jon Mitchell,
Veloce Publishing Ltd
March 15, 2014

This is the complete guide to finding the best available example of the classic front-engined Porsche 944. Insight from real ownership experience is coupled with unparalleled technical knowledge, resulting in the first dedicated guidebook for potential buyers of the Porsche 944. A comprehensive guide, including an inspection checklist that buyers can use when viewing a car, photos of key areas to check, and known issues for each model, and an overview of key specifications and potential upgrades. Market and value data are also supplied to help give an idea of what a specific Porsche 944 is worth. From whether a Porsche 944 is a suitable car for you, to the cost considerations to be taken into account when searching for and viewing a used model, the authors’ aim to arm the prospective buyer with enough knowledge and insight to be able to view a used Porsche 944, and quickly assess its quality, before considering whether to make a purchase. Take the first step towards finding your dream car, by reading this guide today.