The Esssential Buyer’s Guide -Porsche 944

All Models 1982 – 1991

Do you fancy a Porsche 944 ? Thinking about buying one of these transaxle models but somehow afraid since you don’t know what the weak spots are ? You don’t really know what to look for when you spotted a car you like? Thinking about the cost that maybe involved when you buy a car with hidden difficulties?

All this is no problem when you have this book in your pocket. Model specialists Andrew Higgins and Jon Mitchell explain accurately what’s important when inspecting a Porsche 944, using brief methods and clear pictures.

No matter what the subject is : electrics, engine, suspension, brakes, tyres, interior. The authors know what should be inspected carefully to prevent you from buying a bad car and leaving you with a empty wallet and a road-unworthy car.

This is definitely a complete guide to choosing and buying the Porsche 944 you want!


Author : Andrew Higgins & John Mitchell
Publisher : Veloce Publishing
Language : English
Pages : 64
ISBN : 9-781845-845711