The Porsche Effect exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum

Celebrating 70 years of Porsche

Our visit to the LA Lit and Toy show brings us always to different open houses where most of the Porsche fans that visit in the larger Los Angeles area, gather to chat and enjoy some food, drinks and talk cars. After our stop at the California Porsche Restorations open house in Fallbrook the day before, the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles was our next goal. We told you about the Porsche Effect exhibition that they organized because of the 7oth anniversary of Porsche., and all the Porsches that are on display in the Porsche Effect exhibition. And ofcourse we had to visit that exhibition. 

Welcomed by race Porsches

The new exhibit—organized in partnership with Porsche Cars North America and staged in the Mullin Grand Salon, was a tremendous display that one would want to see in every car museum one visits.  Even before you entered the Porsche Effect exhibiont, the Petersen Automotive Museum made sure you came in the right atmosphere. A 1967 Porsche 910 and a 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS  welcome the visitors in the entrance hall. These 2 race cars from the 1960’s are accompanied by some more race monsters.

Porsche 911 GT1 and Porsche 911 GT1 Street version Porsche Effect
Porsche 911 GT1 and Porsche 911 GT1 Street version

Both the  race  version of the Porsche 911 GT1 and a Porsche 911 GT1 Streetversion just a few meters further on. Not even 15 meters in the museum and there was a Porsche 917/30, driven by Mark Donahue in the 1973 Can-Am Series.

Unrestored Porsche 550 Spyder and 1951 Sauter Porsche  356 Roadster

My personal highlight before even entering the actual exhibition was the Porsche 550-090. Even though Porsche 550 Spyders could actually been driven on the road, most of them were used as full-blood race cars. Porsche 550-090 however has never been entered in a race, and that probably explains why it still remains in completely original and unrestored condition. Absolutely a fabulous car, and worth the visit on it’s own.  A rare sight was the 1951 Sauter Porsche  356 Roadster, with reverse-hinged doors.

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