The Results of the Artcurial Auction at Le Mans Classic 2018

Disappointing results and no sales.

There were quite some rather interesting Porsches coming up for sale at the Artcurial Auction at the Le Mans 2018, as we reported before. We told the auction would be a great opportunity for collectors to acquire one of the Porsche 911 RS that would be auctioned. However, there seemed to be slow interest for the cars in the auction, and that was not only the case for the Porsches. Not a single one of the eye catchers in the auction was sold except for the 1963 Mercedes Benz 300Sl Roadster Alloy Block  that was sold for charity. The car was hammered at 2.710.000€. Same for the 2012 One-77 A series Aston Martin, with a high bid far below the estimates. And one of the 15 prototype 1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione Groupe 4 that was estimated to catch between 6.500.000€ and 7.500.00€ , froze at at price of 5.400.000€.

1994 Porsche 993 Cup-Sport
1994 Porsche 993 Cup-Sport

From all the Porsches that were actually sold, none of  them was hammered at a price above estimation. Most of the cars were sold below estimatation and some of them on the right side of the estimation. The question is : what is the reason for this? There are probably many reasons but I guess the booming market for the classic cars is over for a while now. And probably some of the estimations and seller’s expectations were on the rather high side. Because , at an event as Le Mans Classic where most classic car fans and collectors of the globe gather, more cars like the ones offered should be sold.

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