The Spa Six Hours practice day

Spa Six Hours 2018-18 -BRIONES Pablo (CL) - -HORN Klaus (DE) - Porsche 911 RSR

The Spa Six Hours always has a huge programme. Next to the 6 Hours endurance race, starting Saturday September 15th at 15:55, there are 12 more race series. An impressive number of cars will come on the track. And you understand that handling all these needs a strict planning of qualifying and racing sessions. And that’s exactly why Friday immediately starts with the qualifying sessions.

Ofcourse most of the pilots know the Spa – Francorchamps race track. Nevertheless, it’s always good to be more familiar with the demanding track. And the practice day , traditionally on Thursday is a splendid opportunity for that. Next to that, it is the last moment the pilots can have some changes done to the setup of the car. After all, on Friday both car and driver have to be in splendid condition for the qualifying sessions.

Overall, the weather wasn’t too bad at Francorchamps. In the early afternoon, there was some very light fog, later followed by some drizzle. Many of the drivers took the opportunity to get on the track. Meanwhile in the paddocks, many other participants only arriving when their opponents had already been some stints on the track.

The Porsches at the Spa Six Hours practice day

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography