The Ultimate Book of the Aircooled Porsche 911

The Ultimate Book of the Aircooled Porsche 911 by Brian Long

Catalogue Raisonné Limited to 911 copies

As you visit this website, there’s absolutely no need to present the Porsche 911 to you. And no way I need to explain to you that the current water-cooled models of the Porsche 911 derive from the aircooled Porsche 911s.  Probably you don’t need an introduction to Brian Long either. His books have a place in the libraries of many car enthusiasts. However, I do feel the urge to let you know about the new masterpiece from the pen of Brian Long : the Ultimate Book of the Aircooled Porsche 911, only available at Veloce Publishing.

In 20 chapters, the Ultimate Book of the Aircooled Porsche 911s describes the complete history of the Porsche 911. Starting with the earliest design studies to finish at the last of the air-cooled Porsche 911, every model and iteration  is covered in detail. Brian Long reveals the continuous process of evolution and impeccable build quality that made the Porsche 911 to still exist after more than 50 years. The author had the full co-operation and support of the Porsche factory and the Porsche Archives.

Prototypes, one-offs and limited edition Porsche 911s will no longer be a secret to you. Brian Long literally covers the complete story of the aircooled Porsche 911s. Year by year you can find the available trim options and colours, production numbers and chassis numbers. That includes full technical details and engine specifications for all units from 1963 to 1997.

The 512 pages of the book are printed on good quality paper. The book is illlustrated with over 1250 pictures, and contains reproductions of quite a lot of the period sales brochures and adverts. The Ultimate Book of the Aircooed Porsche 911 is a beautiful designed art paper production, presented in a black slipcase with golden lettering and logo. It is strictly limited to 911 copies, in 2 different editions.   ,  100 of which in the  the white leather bound edition.

We recommend this book strongly to any Porsche 911 fan.  In case you want 1 book about the aircooled Porsche 911s in your library, this is the one. Hurry before they’re sold out. This will be a collectors item soon !!!

The Ultimate Book Of The Air-cooled Porsche 911 by Brian Long is available only from the dedicated website


Author : Brian Long
Publisher : Veloce Publishing
Language : English
Pages : 592 pages and over 1250 pictures
Format : 25cm x 25cm (9.84in x 9.84in)
ISBN 978-1-845849-07-8

A strictly limited run of 911 copies, including 101 Leatherbound Editions

The Ultimate Book of the Aircooled Porsche 911 Book Cover The Ultimate Book of the Aircooled Porsche 911
Brian Long
Veloce Publishing Ltd
Hardcover with slipcase