Walter Näher

Born : January 17 1943
Deceased : March 11 2017

Biography Walter Näher

Walter Näher started his career at Porsche soon after he finished his engineering studies. In 1969 Walter Näher joined the ‘Versuch’ department of Porsche where he not only became familiar with the development of standard Porsches, but he set his first steps in the development of race cars too. When the regulations for the Group C changed ,Walter Näher switched position to the race department to be responsible for the further development of the Porsche 956 / Porsche 962. 

It was in the race department that Walter Näher worked together with some legendary racers like Jacky Ickx, Derek Bell, Jochen Mass, Vern Schuppan, Stefan Bellof, Al Holbert, Bob Wollek, Hans-Joachim Stuck and Klaus Ludwig. Needles to tell about the many successes these iconic racers achieved with the cars that Walter Näher was responsible for.

Walter Näher and Sauber Mercedes.

In 1989 Porsche withdraw from racing in the Group C. That was the moment that Walter Näher left Porsche for Mercedes to join the Sauber-Mercedes Racing team In 1992 Walter Näher became the head of the test department of the Sauber – Mercedes F1 team. 

In total Walter Näher was 19 times of a racing team that participated in Le Mans, both for Mercedes and Porsche. After his retirement, Walter Näher remained interested in cars. He was a fan of British race cars and owned Lotus Super-Seven himself. In 2001, when Walter Näher received an invitation to visit Goodwood together with his former colleague Norbert Singer, he gained interest in the Porsche 917 again. Walter Näher started doing research for several years in the Porsche Archives. This research finally led to what has become the ultimate Porsche 917 book : Porsche 917 : Archives and works catalogue 1968 – 1975.