Waregem Oldtimer Event

Previously the classic car lovers living in the province of West-Flanders in Belgium only had the Oldtimer show in Bruges if they didn’t want to drive too far to visit a show – for what that’s worth in a tiny country as Belgium- Last year the Dreamcar International show that was hosted in Mechelen for many years, returned back to it’s original location in Kortrijk after the venues in Mechelen were not available for the show. With success, as stated by the organization that continues with the show in Kortrijk.

Probably to the surprise of many, a third classic car event was announced some months ago. The Waregem Expo was chosen as the place to be. From the very first moment, the crowd filled the venue. It wasn’t exactly like completely filled, but there was a continuously coming and going of the audience, and it looked like the merchants that chose to be present at the Waregem Oldtimer Event liked it, just as the audience did.

The organization had clearly chosen for a high quality event, and did some great efforts to decorate the venue. The visitors strolled through the venue over tapestry walking paths. This was clearly not the show you would go to find parts for your car. This was the show to buy a car. Or in case you needed some decoration for your garage, there was plenty of choice with one of the exhibitors.

To my great surprise, the quantity and quality of Porsches at the Waregem Expo was tremendous. 2 awesome Porsche 356 Speedsters were on sale, even though you had to dig quite deep in your wallet to be handed the keys : respectively 369.000€ and 340.000€. A 1973 Porsche RS would change hands for 595.000€. Probably the best surprise at the Waregem Oldtimer Expo was the presence of an original Porsche 550-057, that used to be in the garage of a Porsche collector in the Belgian Ardennes. About 1 year ago it changed hands to a Belgian businessman who drove it among others in the Zoute Grand-Prix last October. This car was more like display only but for a good offer, the owner might consider selling it.

Even though the event wasn’t big at all, time flew by and it was’t difficult at all to spend a few hours watching the cars, talking to other enthusiasts and have a great day. Definitely looking forward to next year’s edition.

Text : Tim Havermans
Pictures : Wilfried Geerts / www.liebe-zu-ihm.be

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