Win a Porsche 356 Speedster Apal replica.

Support charity and win a Porsche 356  Speedster Apal Replica.

Erwin Vervaet, a 43 year old man from Mechelen (Belgium) is a multiple-sclerosis patient. He needs a stamm cell transplant. As you can imagine, these kinds of treatments cost a fortune. The family of Erwin Vervaet organised a charity event that didn’t raise enough money to afford the treatment yet. And that was the trigger to bring the brothers Tim and Roel Marien in action.

The 2 brothers are the owners of a classic car shop. They want to support the ex school mate from Tim Marien and donate a Porsche 356 Apal Speedster Replica for charity. By buying raffle tickets for 25€, you make a chance to win the Porsche replica. It is a car based on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis and runs on a rebuilt VW engine. The car has an estimated value of 50.000€.  Proceeds of the raffle will be donated to Erwin Vervaet .

Raffle tickets can be bought at . The raffle will take place on February 15 2017 under supervision of a judicial officer. is in no way affiliated with the organization of this charity action and cannot be held responsible for any financial loss due to participating in the action. We just want to promote the action to raise funds for the treatment of Erwin Vervaet.