Zandvoort Historic GP 2018

The Zandvoort Historic GP was another huge succes. The organization of the Zandvoort Historic GP  had to compete with the Dix-Mille Tour, a Peter Auto event at Paul-Ricard, the same weekend. However, few visitors may have noticed that competition. Just the FIA Masters Historic Sports Cars and the the FIA Historic F1  were somewhat undercrowded.

One of the reasons may be that some of the pilots of these cars have other cars too,  probably competing in a Peter Auto Series. Another reason is probably that the Monterey Car week, was just a week ago, and some of these guys were still enjoying the Californian sun.. Anyway, despite the small number in these 2 race series, there was lots and lots going on at the Zandvoort race track. A historic GP isn’t about those 2 race series only.

Apart from a rain shower on Friday morning, the Zandvoort race track in the dunes was having great weather. A comfortable weather, combined with a light breeze, made it very enjoyable for the thousands of visitors. The ingredients for the fantastic weekend were the same as the previous years : historic single seaters, touring cars, Grand Tourismo’s, sports cars, demo’s from BMW and Porsche. The 2 wheel enthusiasts enjoyed the Camathius Cup, a race series for historic side-cars.

2 Dutch Porsche Legends : Gijs van Lennep and Harm Lagaaij
2 Dutch Porsche Legends : Gijs van Lennep and Harm Lagaaij

We’ve told you earlier about the demo runs by Porsche. However on Saturday and Sunday another car was added to the Porsche demo grid, a 1951 Porsche Gmünd SL. A car with an amazing history. Not only was the Porsche 356 Gmünd SL the first Porsche to be entered in the Le Mans 24H. Auguste Veuillet and Edmond Mouche immediately took a 1st in class in the 1100cc class. 

In late September of 1951, a  Gmünd SL in record-breaking tune was driven around the Montlhéry banking in Paris  for 72 hours at 94.66 mph, to a new world record.  Gmünd SL coupes carried the Porsche name into competition for three years at Le Mans as well as in several rallies, notably Liège-Rome-Liège where one finished first in class and third overall. 

There were Porsches in 3 race series at the Zandvoort Historic GP. Onno Vlaanderen participated in the Gentlemen Drivers in his APAL Porsche, a lookalike of the Porsche Carrera Abarth, In the Pre’66 Touring cars, a Porsche 356,  Porsche 356A Speedster and an early Porsche 911 at the start grid. Porsche was best represented in the NK GTTC. with some early 1970 Porsche 911 Carrera RS and Porsche Carrera RSR on the list. Daniel Schrey won the series in his fantastic Porsche 935 K1.

Without any doubt, the Zandvoort Historic GP 2019 will be just as exciting as it was last weekend. Dates haven’t been confirmed yet but we strongly believe the correct dates of the Zandvoort Historic GP 2019 will be August 30 – September 1st. Better hurry to book your hotel.

The Porsches at the 2018 Zandvoort Historic GP

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography