History of the Zandvoort Race Track

Late thirties of last century, Zandvoort was a rather mundane coastal city. Lots of young and wealthy people were guest in the hostels near the coastline many of them driving a sportscar.
Their competition spirit made them race their cars on temporary closed streets. It didn’t take long before these races were known in the wide environment and attracted thousands of visitors. Soon the idea of a closed racetrack came in their minds. The dunes, located north of Zandvoort were the ideal location. The outbreak of WWII delayed the plans, but in 1948 the Zandvoort racetrack was erected and August 7 1948 was the big day : the first official race at the Zandvoort race-track. Just 2 years later, in 1950, the Circuit Park Zandvoort hosted a F1 race for the first time. Except for a few years, F1 came to Zandvoort continuously till 1985. The circuit was in serious money problems and couldn’t perform the necessary improvements at the track for the 1986 season. In 1987 the organization faced bankruptcy. 12 years later the track reopened with a complete different layout. The track was the home for many well-known racers like Gijs van Lennep , Ben Pon or Carel Godin de Beaufort.

Nowadays, the track isn’t suited for modern races. However voices are coming up to do the necessary investments to get the F1 circus back to the Zandvoort Race Track.  Nevertheless, events like the Zandvoort Historic GP still attracts many thousands to the track.