Book review

All people -from designers over engineers to mechanics and racers- involved with or got in touch with the cars this book is about, did exactly what these cars did on the track. Live at high speed, close to, and sometimes far beyond the limits of what common sense thought would be possible.

This book delves into the details of sixty exceptional race cars of the period that tackled the World Sports Car Championship and the explosive sprints of the European Hill Climb Championship between 1965 and 1969. Great stories are told, both in German and English, and each car is documented with pictures, some of them never published before.

If you like the sportcars of that era, this book definitely belongs on your bookshelfs.


Details : 1965 - 1969 Book Cover Details : 1965 - 1969
Wilfried Müller
McKlein Publishing
400pages, 78 colour and 271 bw pictures